A Man Called Death

  • Fiction

To kill or not to kill, that is the question. This is a film about the life – and the deaths – of Júlio Santana, a gunman responsible for 492 murders throughout the country. A Christian and charitable man, good son and good family man, Júlio is tormented by his conscience with every shot taken. But in a cruel and lawless world, where every life has its price, respect for life is a luxury that he cannot afford.

Technical Information

2017 | 01:33:00


Director and Screenwriter Henrique Goldman
Producer Roberto Berliner e Rodrigo Letier
Associate Producer Fernando Meirelles
Screenwriter a George Moura (based on the book “The Name of Death”, by Klester Cavalcanti)
dp Azul Serra
Art Direction Tiago Marques
Original Soundtrack Brian Eno
Edited By Lívia Serpa
Executive Producer Rodrigo Letier


Julio Santana Marco Pigossi
Maria Fabiula Nascimento
Cícero André Mattos
Luciano Matheus Nachtergaele
Alzimara Martha Nowill
Genézio Tony Tornado
Adilson Augusto Madeira