Stray Bullett

  • Fiction

Stray Bullet is a film about the route of five bullets and the people they cross by during a shoot-out in Rio de Janeiro
First we see only the hand loading the gun. Then, a robbery to a car leads the thief to run away towards a square where he is chased by a policeman. A shooting starts.
Time goes back one minute to reveal the stories of people who were at the place during the shooting in the middle of a normal day. In the beggining of a sunny afternoon we see, from many sides of the square, the minute of their lives before the shooting. People very different from each other, all of them exposed to a stray bullet. Anyone can die.
A blind begger. A woman discussing with her lover. Four retired men playing cards. A teenage couple. A very sick man in agony who has just taken a doses of morphine. A policeman and another hot day in Rio de Janeiro. The bullets fly over the square. At the end, each one reaches its destiny.

Technical Information

2003 | 00:13:08


Director Victor Lopes
Executive Producers Suely Weller e Rodrigo Letier
Director of Photography Jacques Cheuiche
Sound Leandro Lima and Ivan Cappeler
Art Director André Weller
Wardrobe Domingos de Alcântara
A.D. Alice Lanari
Editing Leonardo Domingues
Original Score Leleo and Lucas Marcier
Sound Editing Aurélio Dias
Post-production Kika Brandão

Cast Camila Pitanga, Alexandre Rodrigues, Tuca Andrada, Rogério Cardoso, Emiliano Queiroz, Vinícius de Oliveira , Hylka Maria, Marcelo Melo, Lúcio Mauro e outros.