Simonal - No One Knows How Tough It Was

  • Documentary

In an age when talents were both revolutionary and eternal, Wilson Simonal shined like no other and innovated like few. With his charisma, sympathy, swing, charm, sex appeal and a lot of talent, he was the most successful star in Brazil and even made fans abroad. All of a sudden it was all over. Gossip, accusations, mysteries, patrols and chases, whatever happened to Wilson Simonal?

Simonal – No One Knows How Hard It Was portraits the impressive trajectory of a former army private, that reigned sovereign in pop culture and ended up being ostracized for a crime he swore innocence. With interviews from friends, enemies and, mainly, through the images of the exuberant performances of this great artist, the films also answers questions for the first time in history. Was Simonal an informant during the Brazilian dictatorship? Was he friendly with the military? Or was his greatest crime being black, millionaire and a sex symbol in a country and time where racist was latent in the society?

Technical Information

2009 | 01:24:00

HD – 16:9 – Stereo Sound


Director Micael Langer, Claudio Manoel, Calvito Leal
Associate Producers Raul Schmidt e Roberto Berliner
Executive Producers Manfredo Garmatter e Rodrigo Letier
Production Coordinator Lorena Bondarovsky
Director of Photography Gustavo Hadba
Production Design Eduardo Souza e Rodrigo Lima | PavĂȘ
Original Soundtrack Berna Ceppas
Editing Pedro Duran e Karen Akerman
Production companies TvZERO, Zohar & Jaya