Right to Mourn

  • Documentary

The city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the stage of frequent summary executions perpetrated by State agents. Each death drags in its wake grief, affecting the social network of its victims, specially friends and family. The documentary Right to Mourn focuses on the histories of these survivors, mostly women, who struggle for justice and visibility.

Technical Information



Director Luis Carlos Nascimento
executive producer Carla Afonso, Márcia Britto and Tatiana Moura
associate producer Rodrigo Letier & Roberto Berliner
editing Fabian Remy & Julio C. Siqueira
director of photography Tiago Scorza
videodesign André Vieira, Eduardo Oliveira, Stênio Soares
soundtrack Daniela Pastore, JJ Aquino and Jomar Schrank

Ford Foundation
Portuguese Agency of Development Support (IPAD)

Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Observatory on Gender and Armed Violence (OGiVA)
Centre for Studies on Security and Ciitizenship, Candido Mendes University, Brazil