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Pindorama - The True Story Of The Seven Dwarves

A wandering family that made out of joy its product, out of tricks its job. Charles, Zuleide, Gilberto, Cleide, Rogério, Claudio e Lobão are the seven dwarfs, all of them sons of the mythical Pindoba, the smallest and funniest clown in the world. Together, they form the Pindorama Circus, going from town to town in the North of Brazil.

An exemplary place which carries inside simplicity and humanity, fun and bravery. In their world, every one wants to be a dwarf and all this makes the Pindorama world something new, completely different from everything that surrounds it.


IDFA - International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam 2007
Rio de Janeiro Int’l Film Festival 2007
São Paulo Int’l Film Festival 2007 (Best Film - popular jury)
Silverdocs 2008 - Washinton D.C.
AFI Fest 2008 - Los Angeles, CA.
Brazilian Film Festival of Toronto 2008 (Best Film)
San Diego Latino Film Festival
Chicago Latino Film Festival
Tiburon Int’l Film Festival

Technical Information

2008 | 01:24:00

Camera: Panasonic HVX-200 and Aaton II 16mm
Print: HDCAM, DigiBeta
Sound: Dobly 5.1 ou Stereo
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English and French


Director Roberto Berliner, Lula Queiroga, Leo Crivellare
executive producer: Rodrigo Letier and Danielle

coordinating producer: Lorena Bondarovsky
director of photography: Jacques Cheuiche, Beto
Martins and Ricardo Castro Lima

ass. director: Chris Alcazar
sound: Nicolas Hallet and Simone Dourado Barbosa
editor: Leonardo Domingues and Daniela Ramalho
original soundtrack: Lula Queiroga



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