Irene (Karine Teles) is raising four rambunctious sons in a home that is physically crumbling but warm and happy. As Irene simultaneously shelters her sister Sonia (Adriana Esteves), who just left a volatile marriage, supports her own husband through a financial crisis, and plans her own long-awaited high school graduation, Irene’s eldest son, Fernando (Konstantinos Sarris), suddenly announces he has been recruited by a professional handball team in Germany and will be leaving in just three weeks. Consummate caretaker Irene prickles at the idea of emancipating the 16-year-old so he can travel and live alone, and she becomes increasingly anxious about what her future holds.


Cast and Crew


Karina Teles – Irene
Otávio Müller – Klaus

Adriana Esteves – Sônia
Konstatinos Sarris – Fernando
César Troncoso – Alan
Luan Teles – Rodrigo
Vicente Demori – Thiago
Arthur Teles Pizzi – Fabiano
Francisco Teles Pizzi – Matheus
Participação Especial: Matheus Solano – Paçoca

Directed by

Gustavo Pizzi


Tatiana Leite


Rodrigo Letier, Roberto Berliner, Augustina Chiarino Voulminot, Fernando Epstein, Gustavo Pizzi

Executive Producers

Leo Ribeiro, Tatiana Leite, Rodrigo Letier


Gustavo Pizzi e Karine Teles

Production Manager

Roberta Oliveira


Pedro Faerstein

Art Director

Dina Salem Levy

Costume Designer

Diana Leste

Make Up

Vik Silva


Livia Serpa

Boom Operator

Rafael Alvarez

Sound Design

Roberto Espinoza


Dany Roland, Pedro Sá, Maximiliano Silveira

Post-Production Supervisor

Anna Julia Werneck


Kenzo Mijares

Producers: Bubbles Project, Baleia Filmes, TvZero e Mutante Cine

Coproduction: Telecine e Canal Brasil

Sponsorship: Riofilme

Funding: ICAU, Uruguay Audiovisual, BRDE, FSA, ANCINE e Ibermedia

Distributor: Vitrine Filmes