Herbert Up Close

  • Documentary

Herbert Up Close is the life and music of Herbert Vianna, front man of the Paralamas do Sucesso, “the most successful band in Brazillian rock”, according to the Billboard magazine. In 2001, Herbert had his career interrupted by an airplane accident that killed his wife and left him disabled. Sitting on a wheelchair, Herbert watches his past on a television, a life of fighting, persistence and achievements shown by close and caring vision from directors Roberto Berliner and Pedro Bronz. The film tells the inside story of one of the most talented musicians in Latin American pop music.

Technical Information

2009 | 01:34:00

35mm / Dolby Digital 5.1 / Color & B&W


Director Roberto Berliner, Pedro Bronz
Executive Producers Rodrigo Letier e Roberto Berliner
Editor Pedro Bronz
Director of Photography Paulo Violeta
Assistant Director and Research Chris Alcazar
Production Coordenation Lorena Bondarovsky e Paola Vieira
Artistic Coordinator Leonardo Domingues
Sound Renato Cala├ža
Sound Editing and Mixing Denilson Campos | SoloAudio
Post-production Guga Nascimento e Anna Julia Werneck
Colorist Sergio Pasqualino Junior
Visual Design Marcelo Pereira | Tecnopop
Sponsor Volkswagen Busses and Trucks
Associate Producer Os Quatro
Co-Production Imagem Filmes, TeleImage e Synpase