Black and White Democracy

  • Documentary

In the mid-1980s, the struggle for the end of the dictatorship and the re-democratization of Brazil rocked the country. The movement for amnesty, workers’ strikes, student militancy and also music and football entered the dance. Seen as the “people’s opium”, football at that moment was, on the contrary, an active instrument for mobilization through the call of Corinthians Democracy. Led by Sócrates, Vladimir, Casagrande and Zenon, this libertarian movement promoted the principals of self-management in the club. In the stadiums, through banners and tshirts, they urged fans to vote in the first direct elections for governor in 20 years in 1982.

The film investigates a fascinating period of the recent brazilian history, the redemocratization of the 1980’s, through three narratives, the popular demands for free elections, the growth of brazillian rock groups and the revolutionary movement on Cortinthians Football Club known as Corinthian democracy. It’s the singular moment when mainstream football and rock n’roll artists echoed the people’s chant for democracy.


Festivals and Awards

It’s All True 2014 – Honorable Mention
Brazilian Film Festival of Paris – Closing Film
In-Edit 2014 – Official Selection
Cinefoot 2014 – Best Feature
Recine 2014 – Best feature according to the audience and honourable mention official Jury
MARFICI, Mar del Plata
DocsDF, Cidade do Mexico
Festival do Cinema Brasileiro de Montreal
Festival do Cinema Brasileiro de Toronto
Havana Film Festival, Cuba – FEISAL award best documentary
28º FIPA (Festival International des Programmes Audiovisuels – Biarritz, France)
FICTS, Italy – Honorable mention
Festival Thinking Football – Bilbao
Festival Offsice – Barcelona


Director Pedro Asbeg
executive producer Gustavo Gama Rodrigues e Rodrigo Letier
text Arthur Muhlenberg
locution Rita Lee
editing Renato Martins, edt
dp Rodrigo Graciosa
additional camera Diego Romero e Joana França
direct sound Rene Brasil
additional direct sound Ives Rosenfeld e Luciano Raposo
research Marcio Selem
additional research Monica Medici
videographism Renato Villarouca e Ricardo Villarouca
original soundtrack Lucas Marcier e Fabiano Krieger
sound editing and mixing Damião Lopes
color correction Daniel Canela